Please note: that we are not affiliated nor do we sell our seed on AMAZON.

Heirloom Seed Vault is a small family run Heirloom seed company focusing on Old World, Open Pollinated, Non GMO, seeds and are based in Southern Alberta, Canada. Although we are not certified organic, we do only use organic growing mediums in our gardens and greenhouses and never use any pesticides or insecticides.  

Jim, the company’s founder, interest in gardening started with his mother and her mother, his grandmother, who were avid gardeners and saved as many seeds as they could. Jim learned to garden on an acreage West of Calgary, where his mother and his Scottish neighbors showed him how to grow an abundance of healthy vegetables. It is from here the seeds of this business were planted into Jim’s mind. Many years later his desire to enable as many people as possible to grow their own healthy food and to save rare heirloom seeds is the foundation of this company.

Our seed selection is currently small, but as the seasons pass, we hope to grow more rare old world varieties for your gardening enjoyment and hope you will follow us along as we “Grow Healthy” together.

Our quality heirloom seeds meet and often exceed the industry’s standards. Our seeds are harvested from only the strongest plants, quality checked, stored in our climate controlled vault until you order them. All of our seed packages always contain more than the stated seed count.

Heirloom Seed Vault searches far and wide for new (to us) rare heirloom seeds to grow and then offer the harvested seeds to you. We’ve hunted and sourced a lot of seeds over the years from various places and companies. Some arrived dead, others took so long to arrive that the planting season had passed. At Heirloom Seed Vault we strive to only send you the highest quality, freshest seeds as fast as possible.

Grow Healthy and thank you for your continued support,

Sincerely the Heirloom Seed Vault family.