America Spinach

Spinacia oleracea

America Spinach heirloom seeds America Spinach seeds

50 Days

40 Seeds

Developed by a Louis & Groot Seed Company of Holland and winner of the 1952 All America Selection, this slow to bolt spinach has dark green, thick, savoyed, buttery tasting leaves. Growing 8-12″ high, this spinach prefers spring or fall plantings but will grow in mid summer, as long as harvested often to promote new growth. Great fresh in spinach salads, blanched, then frozen or our favorite steamed and topped with butter.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/2″ deep, 6″ apart, in full sun, when soil is workable in early spring. Sow in succession every 2 weeks, right until mid August for continual harvest all season long. Benefits from compost amended soil.

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