Sylvetta Arugula

Diplotaxis erucoides

Sylvetta Arugula seeds

50 Days

50 Seeds

Native to the Mediterranean, this wild arugula variety, has been harvested since Roman times. Italian immigrants brought rucola over as a culinary herb, which was Americanized to arugula. Arugula exploded in popularity with chefs world wide in the late 80’s and still climbs as more gardeners
discover its fantastic, nutty, sweet, somewhat crisp, and moderately black pepper taste. Lessens in flavour with heat, but will over power a salad, without a mix of other fresh greens and lettuces. Medium
green, serrated leaves bolt slower then most other cultivars of arugula

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, 4″ apart, in full sun or partial shade, when all chance of frost has past.
Harvest leaves for cut and come again, and sow seed every 3 weeks from season long harvest.
Benefits from compost amended soil.