Brassica rapa

45 days

40 Seeds

Tatsoi is native to China (known as rosette pak choy), but it’s culinary roots are in Japan. It is a small low growing plant, with spoon shaped emerald green leaves that form a rosette. Great in all
applications of spinach or lettuce, from salads to lasagna, with a mild brassica flavour. Easily and quickly grown, and will withstand a light covering of snow.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, 8″ apart, in full sun when all chance of frost has past otherwise it will bolt too fast. As with all brassicas, covering with a floating row cover is highly recomended to avoid flea
beetle infestation, and then cabbage moths. harvest leaves when plants reach 3-6″ tall. Sow a 2nd crop in mid August, for fall harvest. Benefits from compost amended soil.