Charentais Melon

Cucumis melo

Charentais Melon seeds

85 Days

10 Seeds

Originally from the Poitou Charentes region of Western France in 1920, these grapefruit sized melon’s blue, grey ,green skin turns yellow when ripe and will be more than noticeable in the garden, as the
tropical sweet smell is intoxicating. They have been compared to a cantaloupe but just so much better, sweeter, smoother, with thick, firm, aromatic orange flesh and a small seed cavity. It doesn’t get
any better!

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep indoors 2 weeks before last frost, no earlier. Transplant or sow directly outdoors 3 feet apart, 2 weeks after last frost when soil temperature has reached 21 degrees Celsius. Do not
disturb roots when transplanting. Benefits from warm temperatures, by way of cold frame, greenhouse or row cover until they start to flower, and rich composted organic soil. Harvest when blue, green, grey skin turns yellowish and aroma is abundant. and will come right off the vine easily.

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