Dwarf Siberian Kale

Brassica napus

Dwarf Siberian Kale seed Dwarf Siberian Kale seeds

50 Days

40 Seeds

Siberian Kale was most likely came to be way back in the Middle Ages from a fluke hybridization in the wild from common kale (Brassica oleracea) and a turnip variety like Asian mustard (Brassica rapa).
This kale is even more frost tolerant than others and is tender, milder and not bitter, making it appealing for salads, instead of having to steam or saute. The leaves are flat and only slightly
crinkled on the edge, and the plants grow low to the ground, only reaching a height of 20″.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, 24″ apart in full sun, a week before last frost. As with most kale, the leaves are sweeter and more tender after a frost. Can be harvested up to -20 Celsius and even after a snowfall.

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