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Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

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Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

Cucurbita pepo

125 Days

5 Seeds

Originating from Nova Scotia, and bred by Howard Dill, these giant pumpkins have won numerous contests across the continent for the largest pumpkin size and weight. These giants can grow beyond 1000 lbs. with the record being over 2600 lbs. Although typically grown to 2-300 lbs. These giant pumpkins will start out yellow, and eventually turn a pale orange.

Growing Directions.

Sow seeds 1" deep indoors 3 weeks before last frost, transplant or sow directly in mounds outdoors 20-30 feet apart, when soil is 20+ degrees celsius. If transplanting, do not disturb roots as it will take them longer to recover from shock than direct seeding. Use lots of organic compost and fertilize every 2 weeks and water frequently. Snip all flowers after 1st pumpkin is pollinated and starts growing to focus energy to only the one pumpkin.

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