Sudduth’s Strain Pink Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato

Solanum lycopersicum

Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato Seed Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato Seeds Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato 

90 Days

25 Seeds

Thought to be the original Pink Brandywine tomato, from the family of Dorris Sudduth Hill of Tennessee, whom have been growing it for the last 100 years. This indeterminate will produce lots of 1-2 lb. oblate shaped fruit, with an rich and intense delicious tomato flavour sure to be a hit with any gardener. Fantastic slicer for sandwiches, or with just salt & pepper and great in salads too.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, indoors 6 weeks before last frost. Transplant or sow directly outdoors 2-3′ apart in full sun when ground is warm and all chance of frost has past. Support with stake or cage. Plants will benefit from an organic fish emulsion fertilizer.