Chocolate Pepper

Capsicum annuum


25 Seeds

80 Days

Introduced in 1965 by the University of New Hampshire Agricultural Experimental Department, this sweet pepper packs the flavour you want, that most chocolate peppers lack. Turning from green to chocolate brown when ripe, these produce copious amounts of 5″ long, 3 lobed peppers, so much so they may require support. The medium thick flesh is a burgundy color inside. They are also great for short season areas and can even handle cooler nights. Looks fantastic when mixed with other sweet peppers in salads and other fresh dishes.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, indoors, 6 weeks before last frost Transplant outdoors 20-24″ apart in full sun, when ground is warm and all chance of frost has past. Peppers will ripen from green to brown, either on the plant or off. Benefits from compost amended soil. May need support as they are heavy producers and may have anywhere from 8-20 peppers per plant.