Golden Bantam Corn 8 Row

Zea mays

80 Days

25 Seeds

This is the original 8 Row Golden Bantam Corn that was accidentally grown by William Chambers of Massachusetts in the late 1800’s and was released for sale publicly in 1902. This very sweet yellow corn produces 6″ cobs on 5′ plants and is great fresh or frozen. Make sure to eat or freeze soon after harvesting as the sugars will turn to starches if left too long.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1-2″ deep 10″ apart in full sun when ground is very warm and all chance of frost has past. Corn will not germinate in the cold, temperatures must be above 20 degrees Celsius. Corn is best planted in blocks instead of rows for better pollination. Plants will benefit from a fish fertilizer, compost, blood & bone meal and consistent watering.