Lolla Rossa Lettuce

Lactuca sativa

 Lolla Rossa Lettuce seeds

55 Days

50 Seeds

First cultivated by the Egyptians and then thought to be grown by Italians, Lolla Rossa’s mild flavour, beautiful colour, great texture and frilly leaves make it a hit at Farmer’s Markets and with gourmet
chef’s everywhere. The leaves can be completely harvested down to a couple of inches and will regrow time after time. This slow to bolt variety is tolerant of extreme weather and is easy to grow anywhere.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, 6″ apart, in full sun or partial shade when all chance of frost has past. Benefits from organic compost amended soil. Cut leaves off, while still leaving 2″ left above ground and it will
regrow a new crop.