Luther Hill White Sweet Corn

Zea mays

Luther Hill White Sweet Corn 

80 Days

25 seeds

Introduced in 1902 in Andover Township, New Jersey, at Rutgers University’s horticulturalist, Luther Hill. The sweetest heirloom corn there is, and the most popular among heirloom growers in the Jersey area for well over 50 years. Silver Queen, the highly successful hybrid sweet corn, was developed from Luther Hill Sweet Corn and is still used by breeders to this day to impart exceptional flavor to hybrid sweet corn. Luther Hill’s flavor is unrivaled compared to any other open-pollinated corns.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1″ deep, 8-12″ apart, in well drained soil and full sun.Plant in blocks instead of rows for better pollination. Sow seeds when ground is warm, as corn will not germinate when the ground is still cold. Benefits from Nitrogen amended soil with plenty of water.