Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon

Citrullus lanatus

80 Days

10 Seed

Originating in Russia, and then brought to Saskatchewan in 1903 by immigrants coming to Canada, this 5-10 lb. 10″ diameter, crisp, white to pale yellow fleshed watermelon is a favourite for growing in our colder Canadian climates. Growing 3-5 melons per vine, this watermelon is delicious and has surprised many gardeners with it’s taste, and sweetness.

Growing Directions

Sow seeds 1″ deep indoors 3 weeks before last frost or sow directly outdoors 6′ apart in full sun, when all chance of frost has passed. These vines will take up 10′ in whatever direction they decide and do better in compost amended well drained sandy soil. When harvesting be gentle with the skin/rind, and consume the melon within a few days.